Bodq Calculator
A powerful, functional, handy and stylish calculator for mobile devices. Optimized for the keypad control and 176x220 resolution, but would work on larger resolutions as well.
Status: in development.
Published: no.
A replica of the MusicDJ builtin sampling MIDI editor from old Sony Ericsson phones. Besides of all the features of the original editor, a compatibility mode export is planned (as due to a non-standard record, which alleaviates further editing, MIDI files created by MusicDJ cannot be played by the majority of third-party players).
Status: development not yet started.
Published: no.
<no name yet>
An alternative shell for Windows based on HTA+CSS+JS. The main peculiarity of the interface are so-called “stacks”: screen panels for placing links and user’s files which can be rolled up into autohiding buttons. Most of the stacks can be edited, as well as deleting or creating new ones is possible. Support for iframe apps and flash apps is planned, and in the distant future also for desktop gadgets, windowed Windows apps and apps for other Web environments: eyeOS, HP webOS, B2G, etc.
Status: cancelled.
Published: no.